53. Jahrgang Nr. 6 / Dezember 2023
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1. Wo ist Jesus Christus heute?
2. Nach Osten, der Sonne entgegen
3. Beginnender Zerfall
4. Die Einsamkeit
5. „Alle Jahre wieder kommt das Christuskind“
6. Die Einheit der Kirche wiedererlangen?
7. Viganò: Globalismus ist „satanische“ Vorbereitung
8. Nicht mehr katholisch
9. Die Entvölkerungsagenda, Teil 3
10. Die Ignorierung der Impfschäden – Teil 3
11. Erzbischof Viganò: Priester und Bischöfe
12. Papst Pius X. und Theodor Herzl
13. Die Saat ist aufgegangen
14. „Mein Papst, der Apostat“
15. Jacob Rothschild: „Die Wahrheit spielt keine Rolle mehr“
16. Brief an die Leser von Tiqua
17. Zeitschriftenkritik:
18. Mitteilungen der Redaktion
Note on the 2000 Declaration
Note on the 2000 Declaration


Eberhard Heller

The DECLARATIO of H.E. Mgr. Ngô-dinh-Thuc from 1982 describes a situation - Sede Vacante [The See of Rome is Vacant] - and states that the resulting tasks were only outlined, but not yet fully described. This was done in the 2000 declaration discussed in Munich and Hermosillo. It ties in with the 1982 DECLARATIO in order to first explain in more detail the tasks set for the restitution of the Church as an Institution of Salvation, which also includes a papal election as the crowning glory of unity. Because the declaration of the Vacancy of the Apostolic See only makes sense if it is combined with the intention of filling the Vacant Roman See again.

In addition, the new declaration points to the contradiction between the required obligation to rebuild the church on the one hand and the current lack of authorization by the church.

It also clarified how this contradiction between the task proposed and the lack of assignment was to be resolved. Since individual officials do not receive the obligation to carry out their tasks through their own initiative, but through delegated authorizations . . . ultimately from the highest authority, the pope, and this is because Christ built his church on the "rock" which is Peter: i.e. HE gave him - Peter - all the powers to lead and fulfill the tasks assigned to the Church.

This Appeal also appears in a special Issue translated in the major languages of the world. You may order any quantity desirable and distribute it to anyone you believe will share our primary concern for the restoration of the Church. In the meantime, under the aegis of Bergoglio/Francis, it has become very clear to many faithful that this person illicitly occupies the throne of Peter. These faithful seek spiritual support. Please help them find the light of the true faith again. If this task of uniting the communities should be carried out, one could take a further step towards bringing them together in order to develop a means of ministering to the needs of all the faithful.

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